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淡路市の国際交流について ―長沢アートパークの歴史的意味―







淡路市長 門 康彦

International program of Awaji City
―A short review on the history of 'Nagasawa Art Park Project'―

Yasuhiko Kado

Mayor, Awaji City

At present, Awaji City does not define its policy on international relation issues. Mostly, the international programs have been inherited from the 5 original towns.

There are two international home-stay exchange programs that are greatly supported with the efforts of the Awaji City International Association.
They involve the former Hokudan Town and St.Marys City, and the foromer Ichinomiya Town and Pinjelly City in Perth. There is also an International Youth Exchange Program supported by the National Government, and a privately sponsored job support program. However, Awaji City does not commit to these programs.

Nagasawa Art Park Project (herein indicated as NAP)is a Printmaking training program for international artists. It was also inherited from one of the 5 original towns, Tsuna Town, to the City. The printmaking artists visit local schools and join with the City staff the community events during their residence.

Perhaps NAP is the only one of international programs that the City gets involved with. The project started in 1997, presently 103 artists have participated from 28 countries. It is now acknowledged as a self-development residency program for international artists.

On the other hand, while the NAP has been running for over ten years, the social background and the people's sense of values have changed. As a consequences NAP has had to change its program conditions to continue sustainability. Including, for example changing the program's duration and changing participation from being fully supported to partially paid.

This year, on the occasion of Awaji City's fourth birthday, Awaji Government is going to define its ground disign concept. I wish NAP could still further improve its endeavor, and its promotion to meet international needs, elevating an already high quality international program for Awaji.

March 2008


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